MD5 checksum


I'm often asked: "How can I be sure your program will not send my passwords anywhere through the Internet?"

Please don't worry, PINs for sure does not do any tricks. You don't have to trust it, you can VERIFY it. PINs is OSI Certified Open Source Software. Its full source code is available from It's been already verified by hundreds of users.

Note that because PINs is Open Source it's always possible that another person will recompile PINs and add his own features I cannot guarantee for. Because of this each release of PINs (starting from v.4.20) has an MD5 checksum computed.

A hash function, such as MD5, is a one-way operation that transforms a stream of data of any length into a shorter fixed-length value. Virtually no two streams of data will produce the same hash value. Thanks to this feature you are able to verify your copy of PINs.exe is original. Just compute its MD5 checksum and compare it to the one published on my page. If the two values match, the executable has not been altered or tampered with, and the program may be trusted. Be sure to compare the same version of PINs!

To be able to compute a checksum you need an MD5 utility. You can find it here.



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