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PalMail is a small, fast and secure automatic e-mail checker. Its main purpose is notifying you when new mail arrives and allowing you to get rid of spam before you download your e-mails 
into your e-mail software.

PalMail runs under any 32-bit Windows. It does not require installation and does not need any special dlls, drivers or system files which can mess up your system.

PalMail is freeware, but your donations are gladly accepted.

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Current version: Beta, 17 Jul 2002
Platform: any 32-bit Windows (including XP)
  v.0.60 as ZIP file: site 1, site 2 (287 KB)

A note from author

I've programmed PalMail nearly two years ago for my personal and in-office use. Although the program is very stable (not a single crash since a year or so) I still name it Beta because it's missing many functions I'd like to add to it before the final release version. The planned features include e-mails answering, an auto-responder module, and automated spam killing. Please help me in assembling the to-do list at the Forum.

Selected features

Please support future free versions!


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