Catch that picture

Wanda Sloan

Bangkok Post, Wednesday 31 October 2001

This is almost certainly the best free screen capture program. Because of simplicity and a well thought out list of options, it is arguably the best available for most users.

Screen captures are useful in several ways. If you're having any problem, for example, you can grab a picture of what's ailing you and include it to the person you ask for help. You can capture scenes from videos.

MWSnap has all the good stuff of the best capture software. What it has left off will not be missed by anyone except a tiny few experts or specialists, who already know what they want and are willing to pay for it.

To start with, MWSnap will capture and save any part of what can be seen on the computer screen, in pretty well any way possible. It will capture a window, the entire desktop, a fixed rectangle that you draw _ or a moving rectangle that you define (part of a game, say).

It saves in just four formats, but these are the four formats used by webmasters, family photo kits and all word processing or report-writing software: Jpeg, Tiff, Gif and, if all else fails, the kludgy but definitely cross-software BMP format. These days, every popular piece of software uses one or more of these formats.

If something on the screen is too small for a decent picture, such as an icon or glyph, magnify it with MWSnap, then capture it.

The software is yet another carefully crafted program. It is a standalone product, requiring no installation and therefore it does not tinker with your registry. It is less than 300K, including help and configuration tweaks.

It also comes with a ruler to measure picture size in inches, pixels or whatever, and a colour picker to give you the RGB separation of any part of a screen that catches your fancy. All in all, it is truly excellent software you can download for free at, the site of kind author Mirek Wojtowicz.

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