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This page allows downloading MCell and the ever-growing CA patterns collection. Note that if you have already installed any older version of MCell, you can download updates and additions only.

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Full versions

Program Version What's this?
MCell setup
(3568 KB) 

(19 Sep 2001)

The full setup of MCell 4.20. It installs also the full library of CA patterns.
The new version contains *many* new features, CA families, rules, and patterns. It handles 1D and 2D rules in von Neumann, Moore, extended Neumann, extended Moore, Hexagonal and Margolus neighborhoods. It's also externally programmable - users can write their own rules or plug-ins using virtually any 32-bit Windows compiler.
Click here to read what's new in version 4.20.


Updates, Betas, and additions

Users who have installed full version 3 or 4 of MCell can download the following updates separately. All files are compressed using the popular ZIP format. Unpack them to your MCell folder (usually "c:\Program Files\MCell".)

MCell update
(1317 KB)

v.4.20 Beta
(19 Sep 2001)

All files necessary to upgrade your existing MCell installation to version 4.20: new executable + new patterns + new documentation.
Requires installed full version of MCell 4.00.
MCell executable
(658 KB)

(19 Sep 2001)

Updated MCell 4.20 executable only.
MCell patterns
(2140 KB) 

(19 Sep 2001)

Complete package of MCell 4.20 patterns.
Note that some of patterns and rules will work only with MCell 4.20 and newer.
MCell Help
(362 KB)

(19 Sep 2001)

Updated MCell 4.20 documentation.
(219 KB)

(28 Feb 2002)

An updated Weighted Generations user DLL that supports the weight of the center cell and negative weights. By Brian Prentice.
Hexrule b2o
(24 KB)

(11 Nov 1999)

A library of patterns for the Paul Callahan's "Hexagonal Rule b2o", converted to MCell. Click here to read Paul's essay on the rule. Note that you need MCell not older than 2.12 to run the patterns.



(1492 KB)
(03 Aug 1999)
Full MCell 2.0 package. Contains the program, the documentation, and a library of patterns illustrating all 1D and 2D Cellular Automata handled by the program.
(797 KB)
(21 May 1999)
Full MCLife package. Contains the program, the documentation, and a library of patterns illustrating all 2D Cellular Automata handled by the program.
(230 KB)
(11 Jan 1999)
The very first version of my Life simulator, an ancestor of MCLife and MCell.
This is what in January 1999 I thought Cellular Automata are.


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