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This site is devoted to Cellular Automata, one of the most intriguing and admirable aspects of mathematics. Perhaps you have already heard about the Game of Life, one of oldest and best-explored Cellular Automata. Game of Life is only a tip of a large cellular iceberg. Actually, the count of even simple Cellular Automata is estimated to be *much* larger then the count of particles in our Universe! I decided to explore a bit of this huge world. To do it I developed my own Cellular Automata simulator, MCell, and with help from many people I collected a big library of Cellular Automata families, rules, and patterns. You can see much of my collection on these pages. Anyhow, the pages show only a static side of Cellular Automata. Cellular Automata are in fact very dynamic, so I strongly encourage you to download the free MCell software and/or run the MJCell Java applet to see the patterns running! And then, who knows, maybe you will also add something new to the Cellular Automata world?

Current version of MCell is 4.20. what's new  
The Java applet MJCell v.1.51  with full source code is available
Read James Matthews' (Generation5) review of MCell software

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