Libraries of Cellular Automata patterns

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You will find many interesting patterns included with MCell. Most of .LIF patterns come from Alan Hensel and Paul Callahan. You can find much more patterns on the Internet. MCell is able to load and play all of those patterns.

The best general collection is Alan Hensel's:
and Paul Callahan’s

Another good general collection is David Bell's:
Note that .tgz is a UNIX compressed .tar file format that can be unpacked with WinZip. MCell has no problems with reading UNIX files.

Large David Bell's collections (in .tar format) of "Day and Night" and "Highlife" patterns are available at

David Bell has also a collection of c/3 puffers and spaceships:

For gun fanatics there is Dieter Leithner and Peter Rott's gun collection:
with hundreds of different glider guns.

If you are interested in glider syntheses then you should look at impressive Mark Niemiec's site, which has thousands:
but you have to download the patterns individually unless you use a site ripper.

Catalogs of small spaceships and non-glider guns is available at Stephen's Silver Home page:

The greatest library of different 1D and 2D Cellular Automata patterns is available on MCell Home Page:


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