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Family: Vote for Life

Type: totalistic, 1 bit

"Vote for Life" family is by far the simplest family of rules in MCell. Its rules specify only how many alive neighbors (including the cell itself) must exist that the cell is "on". Since cells consider their own state, the total number of neighbors can be 9 (not 8 like in "Life" rules). Every rule in this family can be also represented in "Life" syntax. For example Vote 46789 is equivalent to Life S35678/B4678.

Note that the count of colors has no influence on next generations, as Vote is a one-bit rule.

MJCell Java applet is able to run all rules from this group.

MCell built-in Vote for Life rules

Name Rule (L) Character Description
Fredkin 13579 Exploding Famous Fredkin's replicator. This is the simplest CA rule which makes patterns self replicate. After 32 steps every starting configuration is replicated 9 times.
A rule by Edward Fredkin.
Feux 1358 Exploding Author unknown.
Vote 4/5 46789 Collapsing Also known as "Anneal". The Gerard Vichniac voting rule with 4 and 5 swapped. This variation helps break down the "gridlock" that occurs with straightforward Vote rule.
Vote 56789 Stable Standard Gerard Vichniac voting rule, also known as "Majority".


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