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MCL file format made it possible to create new patterns for many Cellular Automata. This page contains some of the rules and patterns developed by MCell users. New patterns and rules are welcome!

SSilver's lib v.1.10
(9 KB)
A rich library of Star Wars patterns (guns, oscillators, fun, still forms, puffers), created by Stephen A. Silver.
Contains a Stephen's construction of all 6-cells guns with periods > 3 (see gunsofallperiods.mcl)!
SWright's lib v.1.00
(4 KB)
A library of  Seeds (/2) rule patterns by Stephen Wright.
Lionel's lib v.1.10
(4 KB)
A library of Star Wars rule patterns and the new Triad rule by Lionel Bonnetier.
Ben's lib v.2.10
(42 KB)  
The ever-growing collection of interesting Weighted Life discoveries of Ben Schaeffer: Ben's rules, Hexagonal rules, MidgeDN, Maze Makers, Vineyard, Zipper Makers, and more.
Jason's lib v.1.00
(7 KB)
A library of Career rule patterns by Jason Summers.
Kamil's lib v.1.10
(5 KB)  
A library of patterns for the Brian's Brain and StarWars rules by Kamil Przybyla.
New: AND, NOT and XOR operators.
Paul's lib v.1.10
(7 KB)
A library of  patterns for the Day & Night rule by Paul Schick.
Michael's lib v.1.30  
(234 KB)  
Michael Sweney's collection of patterns for his own rules Ebb&Flow, Ebb&Flow II, Brian 6, Navaho1, and Weighted Brain.
Brian's lib v.1.00
(49 KB)  
Brian Prentice's collection of patterns for his own rules Bustle, Rake, and Snake, plus some Life unusual gliders.
Giles' lib v.1.00
(6 KB)
Giles Edkins findings in the Brian's Brain space. All discoveries were done using Giles own search program.
Richard's lib v.1.00  
(34 KB)
Richard Gradischnegg's collection of patterns for the "Larger Than Life" Bugs rule.


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